Is your group looking for a unique inner-city mission experience?

Jesus People USA Group Missions facilitates urban mission opportunities in Chicago, IL for school/church/community groups through Jesus People USA and Cornerstone Community Outreach. We offer a unique perspective on urban missions and social outreach that is supported by decades of communal living and ongoing work with the homeless in Chicago. Groups of all ages and backgrounds have come from all over the world to be a part of a hands on experience of working with the poor and living in an intentional Christian community.

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Jesus People USA is an intentional Christian community of about 400 members who feel called by God to live together, sharing resources so that we may serve the needy of Uptown Chicago. We maintain several important outreaches that provide support to the homeless, elderly, and other vulnerable individuals in Uptown. Visiting mission groups work with Cornerstone Community Outreach (one of the largest homeless shelters in Chicago), Friendly Towers (low income housing for senior citizens), Wilson Abbey (a community center for the Uptown neighborhood), and Jesus People USA community.

During a missions trip to JPUSA, your group might find themselves working with low-income senior citizens, assisting homeless women and children, preparing and serving a meal, sorting donated clothing, or unloading a food donation. And because we are an intentional Christian community, members of your group have a unique opportunity to investigate what it means for Christians to live in community. A missions trip to JPUSA can be an eye-opening, vision-expanding experience for people of all ages that is sure to send visitors back to their own homes and churches revitalized in their faith.